Newest Collection: Photography under Glass

Our latest photography under glass has arrived.  With a selection of 30 captivating images, each meticulously curated to evoke emotion and captivate the eye, all framed in sleek black and surrounded by generous white space.

Its dimensions of 20x30" accommodate both individual photo display and the creation of a gallery-style wall.

"Creating a gallery-style wall is like crafting a masterpiece within your home. It's all about arranging a collection of photos in a way that's visually striking and tells a story." - Mark Del Degan


Whether you lean towards minimalism or crave bold contrasts, there's a piece in this collection that will resonate with you.



With each frame intentionally positioned off-center, the eye is drawn to the unexpected angles and irregularities, creating a sense of movement and spontaneity. 



With each photograph perfectly aligned and spaced, the eye is drawn to the subtle contrasts and intricate details within the images. The uniformity of the frames allows the artwork to take center stage.


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